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Thread: Cats & Orchids - keep away?

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    Cats & Orchids - keep away?

    Okay... any ideas on how to keep a cat away from an orchid? I found several claw holes in my new baby's leaf this morning! He's a young kitty and of course leaves that are thick and pulpy like that bounce when you tap them..."bounce bounce POUNCE!* oiy! I just kicked him out of the pot too! And cats being what they are, there's no place to really keep the two babies separated (kitty baby vs. plant baby).

    I am being orchidly challenged! :blink:


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    Cats & Orchids - keep away?

    I have heard of putting pop cans with rocks or pennies in them around the plant , cat knocks them over and scares self another option is a spray bottle set on course (spray when you catch him bothering the plant . another is something sticky on paper around the plant cats don't like it ,,red pepper sprinkled around , find cat a new home {Feel-good-0002006E} . gin

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