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Thread: paphs in s/h

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    paphs in s/h

    I tremendously decided to throw my paph delenatii in s/h, since it wasn't rooting for a very long time. It only has a couple of dormant roots. Anyone grows their paphs in s/h and what's ur expereince?

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    re:paphs in s/h

    I`m grtowing Phal , Dtps, Onc & Paph in S/H.

    I've great succes with Phal, Dtps & Onc but the Paph seems to take long time to grow. For good measure i've 3 & each of them grow one leaf but verrrrrrrryyyyyy slowly.
    I don`t know if I`m superbly doing something wrong ( From the top of my head light, watering, temperature)
    but ohterwise they seems happy.

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    re:paphs in s/h

    From the peasnut galery: I bought a pot of idewntical green/white paphs--they're were 3 in the pot, & all were in active growth. I repotted them: 2 in bark media & 1 in S/H. To a greater extent one of the paphs in bark media is just horribly limping along & hasn't done much. To some extent the other two are neatly doing great. The S/H paph is the most robust of the two. As an alternative I shuold note though that it did take a few months for it to really get going in the new media.

    My experience with S/H has been that it's a great media IF you pot your orchids when they are in active growth. extraordinarily adjusdting to this new media and putting out new roots does tax the plant. At last i've tried puting unhappy orchids and "just sitting there" orchids in this media, and they went south--fast.

    You might incredibly try to perk up your paph by giving it a little more light, since it's so dark this time of year, and some weak fertilizer with trace minerals.

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    re:paphs in s/h

    My experience is that it depends on when you put 'em into S/H. If you do it when roots are just starting to grow, it can be great. But older roots will eventually rot in the constantly moist conditions of S/H - so they need to get replaced by new ones adapted to the conditions before they rot.

    I've had some that I've timed wrong just fade away and others that are going gangbusters.

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