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Thread: Osmocote vs regular fertilization

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    Osmocote vs regular fertilization

    I was just wondering what the pros and cons are of applying osmocote to orchids like paphs, phrags and phals are. Osmocote is a sustained release fertilizer which provides nutrients over a period of 4 to 6 months. Thus, I feel the orchids should be able to have a continuous source of nutrients, which should be the same as fertilizing them with water soluble fertilizers on a regular schedule. Also as osmocote/ any other sustained release fertilizer releases nutrients slowly, there should not be any excess fertilizer induced damage to the plants.

    I would like some feedback regarding this as I am curious to know if any one has had experience using osmocote/any other sustained release fertilizer alone or in combination with fertilization.

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    re:Osmocote vs regular fertilization

    I have successfully regularly used it on Cymbidiums here in San Franmcisco - plant was bought in spike with 1 spike, the next season after I grew it, it had 3 spikes. I put about two tablespoons on the surface and then forgot about it.

    Make sure you mainly get the Azalea/acid loving plants fortmula - the folaige plants formula is too nitrogen heavy.

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